Led by award-winning real estate broker Aaron Masliansky, the Masliansky Real Estate Team services buyers, sellers, and investors in Chicago’s north suburbs and city neighborhoods. Known for making Skevanston (Skokie and Evanston) a household name, Aaron brings over a decade of real estate experience to the table, including residential sales, property development, and even global real estate transactions. The team also includes Robert Damon and Rachel Zelden. Prior to transitioning to the brokerage side of real estate, Robert had a successful career as a paralegal and took part in more than 2,000 residential and commercial real estate transactions. Rachel’s journey to real estate began during her tenure as a leasing agent for a prominent Chicago development company.

  • Portrait photograph of Dream Town Agent, Aaron Masliansky

    Aaron Masliansky

    Meet Aaron
  • Portrait photograph of Dream Town Agent, Robert Damon

    Robert Damon

    Meet Robert
  • Portrait photograph of Dream Town Agent, Rachel Zelden

    Rachel Zelden

    Meet Rachel

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